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enrollment fees

A non-refundable application fee of $25 is due for each new student application.  

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $175 per student is due upon registration.  

2024-2025 Part-time Student Fees: Part-time secondary students are those taking four classes or less. Secondary classes are $100 per class, per month. Part-time elementary student rates are dependent on morning or afternoon schedule. All part-time students must also pay the non-refundable $175 enrollment fee and a non-refundable $125 curriculum fee.

A Late Enrollment Fee of $100 may be applied for applications received after August 1st, to cover curriculum and rush shipping costs. 


Tuition payments are made through our FACTS Tuition System portal.

FACTS charges an annual account management fee:

  •  $25 per family with a tuition payment plan of two or less installments.

  •  $55 per family with a tuition payment plan of three or more installments.

FACTS tuition payments made using a debit or credit card, are assessed a 2.85% service fee. 

Tuition payments made using automatic ACH transfers are not assessed a service fee.  

Athletic Fees

Athletic fee: $85 per student, per sport.  Families with multiple students in the same sport will receive a 50% discount for each additional student.  

Volunteer Hours

Each academic year, families are required to volunteer for 10 hours per student.  If you are unable to volunteer, families may opt out by paying a fee of $100 (per student).  This will allow us to pay for a replacement worker or service.  

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